The Top 10 Pros of Infertility



As an Infertile Myrtle I have the tendency to see a pregnant woman or a mother of small children and instantly go into a victim mentality. “It’s not fair.” “She is so lucky.” “Why can’t I?” To prevent myself from becoming a victim I have started to think of reasons why I am grateful for my infertility.

10. Spontaneity Last summer my husband and I spontaneously left for a long weekend trip to the Smoky Mountains. The ability to pick up and go wherever you want without the responsibility of another human can be a gift if you let it be.  Live it up now. Enjoy the life God has blessed you with today.

9. Alcohol Although I don’t drink on a daily basis it’s still nice to know I can.

8. No stretch marks From a pregnancy anyway. My bum did grow very large in a short amount of time when I became a cheerleader. But my stomach doesn’t look as if it has been mauled by a bear. (No offense to you preggos out there, your bodies are beautiful. But this is still a plus for me.)

7. SUSHI!!!!

6. Intense Workouts If you are an active person like myself, you know how fun it is when you can increase weight, time, length, or poses to your lifting routine, running, biking, yoga practice etc. Doctors don’t tell preggos to stop working out, however, it is often urged that they do not increase in intensity for fear of putting stress on the body and causing possible injury. Check out these pregnancy workout myths and facts for more info:

5. When the kid starts screaming, I can give him/her back “Aunt Lizzy has to go the ‘bathroom’ let’s go find mom…”

4. The ability to reach my toes Whether it’s tying my shoes or painting my toenails, I always take this one for granted. Although I could always coerce someone into tying my shoes or painting my toenails for me, I have an ounce of dread at the thought of asking someone to pluck out those unsightly hairs on my big toes.

3. Lots of Sex Depending on who you are this could be a good thing or a bad thing. I like to look at it as a great thing. Although, planned sex isn’t always romantic; it does happen often and it doesn’t mean it can’t be great. And if you reach a place of acceptance, the planned sex goes out the window and sex goes back to being romantic and spontaneous. So sex it up ladies!

2. Receive a blessing, be a blessing Some IMs (Infertile Myrtle’s) decide to take the adoption route. Not as a “replacement” to what they could not do for themselves, but out of a desire to nurture and love unconditionally. If a couple is called to adoption the child is a precious blessing to them, and they are a precious blessing to the child. Personally, I don’t know if I would have had the guts to take the plunge into the adoption world without my experience of infertility.

1. I Bypass pushing an 8lb creature out of my nether regions. Women talk about their birthing stories like they are a right of passage to being a mom. But after talking to adoptive parents, I found they have birthing stories too. These stories are just as dramatic, filled with just as much love, and don’t often include placentas and poop.

Those are my pros. What are yours?


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