When I Can’t, God Does




Several weeks ago I posted a piece of art work I was asked to do for a mission trip to Nicaragua. You can see the original Post here: The Woman at the Well

Since then I have been dealing with some arising health issues. Nothing that can kill me, but it has been mentally and emotionally draining. I have had to pull back from work and activities that normally I could do. God has been telling me to “Just be and let it be.” But just being has proved to be very difficult in a world where doing is what is valued. 

I find myself in a constant battle with my mind and lies that the devil is trying to make me believe. My days have been transformed from busy housewife and ministry work to sitting in God’s presence, praying, praising, and light housework. The world would call me lazy. God keeps telling me over and over to find peace in his presence, not in this world. The most valuable thing I could be doing right now is spending time with Him. I know it is true in my heart, but my mind keeps going back to old habits. It keeps fighting to “be productive”; to show others I am valuable and not lazy. 

Yesterday I fought to dwell in God’s presence all day. I felt Him with me. I found peace at different intervals. And then I received an email from a good friend who is in Nicaragua. He sent me the above picture of these beautiful women holding my artwork. Even when I am incapable of doing, God is doing, and he is letting me be a part of it. Praise the Lord for He is good!



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