Flashback: 4 Days until Revocation Ends


4 Days until Revocation Ends

The fire inspection went really well; thanks to my dad, who installed eight new smoke detectors on moving day.  

Just a little side note here: About  3 months ago I started working on our fire inspection paperwork for the new house (it takes about 5 hours). The house wasn’t even ours yet. We were waiting on the home inspection for the buyers of our current house and waiting to hear back from the sellers of the new house to see if they would even accept our offer, and I found myself with nothing to do and quite a bit of time on my hands. I knew I would need to do this new paperwork at some point soon, but I needed to have the floor plans for the new house in order to do them, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to do them until we moved in and I could draw the floor plans myself. I decided to check the listing of the new house, in the off chance that there would be floor plans listed online for the house that was built over 45 years ago. None of the houses we looked at had floor plans listed…but this one did! God is so cool! So, I spent the next 5 hours making fire escape routes, emergency evacuation plans, and emergency lockdown plans for a house that wasn’t even ours. I felt crazy doing that, but I had the time now, and I wanted to take advantage of it. Remember, at this point, I had no idea we would be parents upon arrival at our new house. I thought it would be months before we would be matched, but the paperwork loomed over my head and I just wanted it done.

The well water was tested for bacteria and nitrates, but we won’t have results for several days, I’m nervous!

We have internet!

3 Days until Revocation Ends

I couldn’t keep the secret from Luna any longer. I sat on my front stoop and gushed the news over the phone. I needed prayer. I needed someone to join me in the waiting. As I told her all about Lavon, I started to notice white feathers were falling all around me. Little white feathers were literally falling all around me. I counted twenty before I stopped counting. Turns out, there was an old nest in the magnolia tree above my head, and the wind must have been hitting it just right to release all the old feathers. For the second time in the past two months I was being showered in feathers, and to me that felt like blessings from the Lord.


1 Day until Revocation Ends

Dean and I finished painting the nursery and decided to spend some time checking out Babies R’ Us while the paint dried. We’d been too scared to really do anything to prepare for Lavon just in case it didn’t work out. But painting the nursery seemed safe, and just going to Babies R’ Us to look seemed pretty safe too.img_8302

Most of the time we spent at Babies R’ Us was us trying to collapse and unfold strollers. Those things are little bitches…But we finally found one that couldn’t best us and we both really liked it (You know, just in case we had to run out and buy one really quick. Mostly for the car seat, but we wanted one that included both). After all that stroller wrestling, we were famished, so we drove around looking for a restaurant and decided to try some place new.

We had no idea it was more of a ritzy place, so we walked in in our t-shirts and shorts and felt a little out of place. But we were starving, and it was the only place that we both agreed on. The dinner ended up being amazing. The whole time I felt like we were celebrating something super special, even though we didn’t know for sure if Lavon was ours. But for those moments, it felt like he was, it felt like we were given a chance to enjoy an extremely expensive romantic dinner together before our lives were flipped upside down by the arrival of a baby. It was like our own little baby moon. And then, guess what?! Our server brought over a piece of cake on the house! He didn’t have any idea that we were celebrating or that we had been matched or anything, and on the check the free cake was labeled as “Birthday Cake” and everything felt so real. It felt like we were celebrating the birth of our son!

1 more day left!!!!!!


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