The Top 17 Times Bob’s Burgers Perfectly Illustrated Your Infertility Struggle:



  1. That time someone said, “Stop worrying about it, I know you’re going to be a mom.”



  1. Every time someone apologizes when you tell them about your infertility.



  1. That time Aunt So-and-So told you about how angry she was that her friend’s meth head daughter just gave birth to her sixth baby and “two great people like you can’t have a baby…”tumblr_n6hyn5kbro1sl1tibo2_500


  1. That time someone tried to give you sex advice and were totally unprepared for the amount of reproductive knowledge you now have, so then they started asking you reproductive questions



  1. That time you were super hopeful and everyone else was worried about how disappointed you would be if you weren’t pregnant.



  1. That time your husband accused you of ignoring someone when they asked you , “when are you guys going to start having kids?” giphy.gif


7. That time someone told you “to adopt and then you will get pregnant.”



  1. That time you see the mom-of -three is pregnant…again…



  1. That time someone told you about their cousin’s sister’s friend getting pregnant after she did such and such.


  1. All those times you tried anything…seriously ANYTHING… to help you get pregnant



  1. That time you just needed to vent about how much infertility sucks but everyone keeps bringing up things you should be thankful for.


  1. Every single time the test is negative



  1. Every time the fertility doctor switches your medication and you freak out on someone for no reason



  1. Every single two week wait when all you can think about is whether or not you will get your period and EVERYTHING makes you think about it.3e6c427b9589a3971fe7f9fadb242bf5.jpg


  1. That time you tried to soothe your broken heart with food. enhanced-buzz-7417-1401462036-11


16. That time your doctor put you on progesterone, but the IUI didn’t work and you got the most intense period known to womankind



17. After every single trigger shot or progesterone injection

giphy (1).gif


Hang in there champ and do what Tina does, put your bra on one boob at a time.


9 Ways to Make The Two-Week Wait A Little More Bearable


When you are trying to conceive, the two weeks between ovulation and the expected arrival of your period can be excruciating to live through. This is one of those experiences where time does not make it easier to handle. In fact, the more time that passes, the crazier you feel.

I have been quite unfortunate to be diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrom (PCOS). If you are soul cyster (get it?) like me, you know that one of the symptoms is an irregular period. This means that I never know when I ovulate or if I actually did ovulate that month. This past month my two week wait turned into a four week wait.

Why didn’t I test after two weeks? After 5 years of two week waits and many negative pregnancy tests I know how I personally react to these situations. If I take a test and it’s negative but I still have not been assaulted by my Aunt Flo, I will continue to hope that I am pregnant: “Maybe my HCG hormone levels aren’t high enough to detect yet.” The tests have essentially become a giant money pit for me. So I wait until there is no possible way my Aunt Flo would be coming to visit.

At 12 days late I believed such a thing. There was no way I could get my period. I tested. Received a negative. Next day I got my period. I was crushed. Not only was I not pregnant, but I got my period. Meaning my two week wait time is extended to the length of my latest period, almost 4 weeks. (Biologically my luteal phase is always 12 days, but that means I have to know the day I ovulate to actually calculate my period arrival, which is next to impossible for someone with PCOS without an ultrasound. Women with PCOS will often get false positives on ovulation test sticks that test the Luteinizing Hormone levels in urine. And some months I don’t actually ovulate, so it would be impossible to detect something that will never happen.)

With all that being said, a friend sent me a wonderful article about the two week wait that is ACTUALLY helpful. I can’t tell you how many two week wait articles I have read that gave the worst advice imaginable (keep an eye out for my “Top 10 Worst 2WW Tips”). Without further ramblings, here it is:

9 Ways To Make The Two-Week Wait A Little More Bearable